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OMINI Clinic Labiaplasty - Dr. Theodor Motruc | OminiClinic Iasi Romania


What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is surgical procedure that ensures remodelling of the female external genitalia appearance. This procedure is requested mainly by women who are unhappy of the asymmetric labia or with different sizes and positioning, a reason for discomfort both psychologically and physically.

Labiaplasty is a surgical option which can be done under local anaesthesia and you can leave the clinic the next day. The intervention will take approximately one hour. Sutures are made so that the scars are minimal, hidden, and unnoticeable.


Post-surgery recovery

During recovery it is required a special type of cleaning of the area to avoid infections, following exactly the doctor’s advice. When you leave the clinic, a set of instructions will be handed to you.

The first check is performed 5 days post-operative, and the threads are naturally expelled from the body after 10-14 days, without forming long term noticeable scars.

Sexual activity can be resumed after at least 4-5 weeks rest after a complete healing or even longer, if you don’t feel ready, it’s important to allow sufficient time for healing.

If you are travelling for this operation, considerate a stay of 7-10 days in Romania to have time to do the procedure and also to recover before travelling.

Online CheckUp

Now you can use the form below to get in touch directly with the surgeon even remotely. Send a message to tell him what you want. You will get an answer about possible recommendations even before the first consultation and you’ll have a much clearer idea on the surgical solutions suitable for you.