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OMINI Clinic Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer - Dr. Theodor Motruc | OminiClinic Iasi Romania

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Why have Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer?

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is suited for women who want a bigger breast size, but close to their natural one. This procedure is also recommended for correcting uneven breast volumes, where the smaller breast needs to be equal to the larger breast.

In order to have this procedure, a woman must have enough body fat to be suctioned, processed and injected, in certain body areas that are good for harvesting.

Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer

View your new breasts BEFORE surgery with Crisalix 3D Scan

During the first consultation you will discuss with your doctor about you grievances, wishes and expectations. You will discuss with the specialist surgeon about the shape, volume and desired positioning of the breasts, the medical history, the details of the intervention, possible risks and postoperative recovery conditions.

Based on Crisalix 3D scanning technology, you will be able to see a simulation of your own breasts before and after surgery during the consultation. This is very useful for you to understand the realistic expectations you could have from the surgery.

What happens during Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer surgery?

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and takes about an hour and a half – two hours. Initially is taken a sufficient amount of fat from areas that have excess, it will be processed and treated for use in the breasts (the same procedure as in facial lipofilling for eliminating dark circles or for facial volume).

Subsequently, the introduction of processed fat is achieved radial by means of several fine cannulas allowing the surgeon a balanced dosage to bring the breasts to the desired size.

It requires a hospitalization of 24 hours under medical monitoring in the dedicated wards of the clinic. You can go home the next day, but you need to follow the medical recommendations.

Post-surgery recovery

You should avoid major efforts; maintain a bustier for 3-4 weeks, local massage starting from the 3rd week as directed.

Normal hygienic care can be resumed in about 7 days postoperatively, and the socio-professional activity in about 3-7 days postoperatively.

It is recommended a distance of 1 year between this surgery and pregnancy, and implicitly lactation.

Post-operative visits are mandatory at 7 days, 1 month and then from 3 to 3 months to 1 year.

Online CheckUp

Now you can get in touch directly with the surgeon even remotely. Send a message to tell him what you want. You will get an answer about possible recommendations even before the first consultation and you’ll have a much clearer idea on the surgical solutions suitable for you.