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OMINI Clinic Breast lift with or without reduction - Dr. Theodor Motruc | OminiClinic Iasi Romania

Breast Lift – with or without breast reduction

Breast lift reduction Motruc

Breast Lift for normal positioning of the breasts

Breast lift is often motivated by a dissatisfaction with the firmness, volume and general appearance of the breasts, which can be linked to various factors. Strictly speaking about breast volume, they can maintain or even reduce their volume and there will be excess skin, which will become thin and with low tonus, getting a sagged aspect (ptosis).

It is considered that the ideal position of the nipple is at 18-22 cm from the middle of the clavicle and at 1-2 cm below the line joining the middle of the arms.

The optimal volume for a natural look is estimated based on body development and general proportions. It is considered the fact that breast ptosis has a greater tendency proportional to the increased volume.

Stretch marks may occur frequently and areolae (nipples) get flared and asymmetrical, which will further compromise the overall appearance of the breast.

See your new breasts BEFORE surgery with Crisalix 3D Scan

During the first consultation you will discuss with your doctor about your dis-satisfactions, wishes and expectations. You will discuss with the specialist surgeon about the shape, volume and desired positioning of the breasts, the details of the intervention, possible risks and postoperative recovery conditions.

It is very important to decide together the type of incision chosen and final positioning and volume of the breasts, in order to have a clear image of the final result. To get a clearer picture, you can test various special samples with different volume.
Based on Crisalix 3D scanning technology, you will be able to see a simulation of your own breasts before and after surgery during the consultation. This is very useful for you to understand the realistic expectations you could have from the surgery.

Mastopexy – Breast Lift surgery

With this breast lift procedure, known as mastopexy, it is aimed to restore firmness and shape for a more natural aspect of the breasts.

Mastopexy is the intervention used for lifting and reshaping of the breast, including the nipple, restoring the natural balance of volume and positioning. Breasts are firmer, lifted, less distanced and symmetrical.

Along with the aesthetic purposes, breast lifting operations also have a therapeutic one. Fallen breasts can cause skin problems through skin contact between the breast and the chest and hypertrophic breasts (excessively heavy) can also create breathing problems or affect the position of the spine, causing back pain.

Breast Reduction surgery

Breast reduction is often associated with breast lift operations and consists in removing a quantity of mammary gland and excess fat in order to reduce its size and weight.

Besides the significant aesthetic improvement, these surgeries can help relieve some inconvenience due to breast weight: pain in the neck, spine, skeletal deformities, and respiratory disorders, skin disorders located between the breast and the chest and, not the least, due to impediments in choosing clothes.

What happens during Breast Lift surgery?

The surgery can take between 2-4 hours, depending on the complexity of the case and takes place under general anaesthesia requiring hospitalization for up to 48 hours. Normally, the next day you can go home.

There are several techniques, but all result in repositioning the breast tissue, the areola and in the adjustment of the volume if necessary by adding an implant or by removing a quantity of excess breast tissue. The technique will be discussed with the surgeon prior to surgery.

In this type of plastic surgery – lift and/or breast reduction, there will be a scar around the areola, one of approx. 6-8 cm from the lower pole of the areola to the submammary cleft and one in the submammary cleft. These scars will remain more or less visible, in the rare cases when it gets a highlighted aspect, may be improved by a secondary intervention. Scars will fade more between 6 months and 1 year postoperatively.

Postoperative pain and a sensation of tension are minimal and tolerable and may be present only in the first 24-48 hours.

Post-surgery recovery

After surgery it is necessary to spend the night in the hospital, monitored by medical staff, and the next day you can go home.

You should avoid major efforts; maintain a bustier for 3-4 weeks, local massage starting from the 3rd week as directed.

Normal hygienic care can be resumed in about 7 days postoperatively, and the socio-professional activity in about 3-7 days postoperatively. It is recommended a distance of 1 year between this surgery and pregnancy, and implicitly lactation.

Post-operative visits are mandatory at 7 days, 1 month and then from 3 to 3 months to 1 year.

Online CheckUp

Now you can get in touch directly with the surgeon even remotely. Send a message to tell him what you want. You will get an answer about possible recommendations even before the first consultation and you’ll have a much clearer idea on the surgical solutions suitable for you.